Whenever you read something, it’s easy to forget how this information reached you. So, what does being a publisher really mean? While traditionally, publishing involved only printed works like books, newspapers, and magazines, the profession has expanded to include the distribution of content across digital platforms as well.

A publisher is responsible for much more than simply getting content out to the public. Publishing goes further than simply printing or circulating written words. It involves countless activities and effort. Many people think of publishers as printers but in fact, they’re the ones responsible for everything that goes into what you read and how you read it.

What goes into it

The fundamentals

A publisher is responsible for much more than simply getting content out to the public. Once a first draft is completed, it is our job to then edit the content.

The next steps

Beginning with proofreading and organising the information, we help you to define your writing, guiding and editing your work in a way that appeals to your key audience.

The heavy lifting

Substantive editing deals with the overall structure of the content, regular editing refines the smaller details like tone, spelling and grammar. We do both.

The bells and the whistles

Publishers are also graphic designers, illustrators and photo editors since most publications today come with images accompanying their written content.

Putting it together

The publishing process culminates in the production be it a book, report, newsletter or any other written media form. This can be a physical (hard copy) publication, or one that can be consumed online.

And finally

Publishers also need to choose the right distribution channels, marketing strategies and target market for both printed and digital mediums. Publishers must possess a rich skill set and know-how of these various technologies and concepts.

What we publish

Company documents

Effective communications are essential to success. We understand that it can be hard to be objective when you are writing about yourselves. Companies and organisations often face challenging obstacles in getting their message out effectively. Communications across all levels need to be aligned, with the message accurately reflecting the persona and brand of a business entity. These communications must clearly articulate what it is an organisation is trying to say, correctly formatted and in an impactful manner.

Annual reports

What we publish 5

To ensure that we comprehensively communicate the right message to your stakeholders, your content needs to be concise and accurate. These requirements are at the forefront of our team, as we strive to make your company known to the world in a manner that is perfectly suited to you and your objectives. We strive to inject life into your reports so that they are engaging and appealing to the reader. We work closely with you to highlight pertinent issues or points so that they can be strategically placed for ease of access and garner the attention they deserve.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.

Company profiles

What we publish 6

Your organisation profile tells the story of your company – the past, the present and the future. How this story is told is very important. We will assist in developing and publishing a compelling profile that speaks to your target audience, appealing to them both in heart and mind. We work diligently to include provided information based on facts, truth, and real value. Company profiles require precise information that should be easily understood and consumed. With crisp, accurate wording, the editorial team will use simple but sufficient content to empower the reader to clearly interpret your message and brand ideals.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.

Financial reports

What we publish 7

As critically important documents upon which the sustainability of a business relies, financial reports need to contain absolutely precise information and are often difficult to understand. In using crisp, concise wording, our editorial team will include comprehensive but straightforward content that allows the reader to better interpret the message you wish to convey. Infographics within the reports themselves will enable you to distil your figures and data in an easy and convenient manner for your stakeholders’ use.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.

Strategic plans

What we publish 8

At Epsilon, we work to capture and clearly communicate your vision and mission, helping you set out your company’s goals and objectives in a more vivid and compelling way. We begin by gathering as much information about your organisation as possible, allowing us to envision how best to present your strategic plan critically. Our editorial team will then add value to that information you have, ensuring that the intended message is passed across consistently and effectively. The design team works to ensure that the aesthetic look and feel of the publication is in tandem with the overall design, aligned with precision to your goals and objectives.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.


Brilliantly presented academic or scholarly work speaks to who you are and reflects on your interests and abilities. At Epsilon, we sieve through your manuscript in minute detail, ensuring that your work is distinguishable and authentic. We will help you organise and structure the presented facts in a clear and understandable way, while our team of experts will ensure that your facts and findings are presented articulately and professionally.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.

Policy briefs

What we publish 9

We understand that the primary function of the policy brief is to offer a precise summary of the main policy document. The contents of the brief are arranged and presented in a manner that should be understood at a high level. In achieving this, we work through a specialised process, moving step-by-step to make sure that a well-clarified summary is provided for every point of interest. We work very closely with you to articulate the salient issues from the policy document, to be included in the brief.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.

Policy documents

What we publish 10

At Epsilon, we are cognizant of the sensitivity and importance of policy documents, and that the manner in which such information is relayed is accurate, unambiguous and concise. We work very closely with the authors of these documents to ensure that the information is communicated congruently in an articulated manner, with a structure that focuses on clear communication.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.

Research documents

What we publish 11

While we understand how interactive and informative research materials should be, we also know that their information needs to be accurate. Part of the editorial process involves cross-referencing the listed citations and references so that the data is error-free and subscribes to the stringent standards of good research. Our design team will then find the most suitable layout so that the end-product is an engaging and informative read.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.

Training manuals

What we publish 12

Training manuals must be concise enough to be understood yet detailed enough so as not to be ambiguous. With this in mind, we write with the trainers in mind, and for the end user of what those being is meant to achieve.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.


Periodicals, like magazines and newsletters, are published at specific intervals, with their contents changing and evolving constantly. Encapsulating this wealth of information in a way that grabs readers’ attention, requires that we curate all the details within a periodical that allows it to be current and engaging. We work hard to present events and topics that display the company’s activities, achievements, and ambitions in an exciting and appealing manner. No two periodicals are the same, and we believe that the quality of the content must always remain consistent. What better way to build a relationship with your audience than to speak directly to them?


Nowhere does published content target a specific readership or focus on a particular subject like magazines do. These periodic publications are a rich source of information and must hold a unique character. At Epsilon, we enable you to develop magazines that are customised to the sector you are operating within, while simultaneously taking care to make them readily accessible to a myriad of different audiences within that readership. The editorial team ensures that content is relevant, rich, and appealing, while our design team strives to pair your stories with captivating layouts and photos that will speak to your reader more intimately.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.

What we publish 13
What we publish 14


Newsletters play an important role in business. They are a great way of sharing organisational or industry insight while serving as a subtle yet effective marketing tool. We embrace a “house style” culture, giving you that unique identification and consistency when it comes to newsletters. We work tirelessly to compile your company or organisation’s activities and stories into a clear, reader-friendly publication, boasting the perfect tone that keeps your audience connected and invested in what you can offer them. Eye-catching pictures and designs round off the final product – carefully developed by our design team.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.

What we publish 15
What we publish 16

Occasional publications

Occasional books ought to be visually appealing, wonderfully illustrated publications that will capture your attention, and with the help of the design team. Words will captivate the imagination, sewn together, with a keen eye for detail, courtesy of our editors. Such books include coffee table books.


What we publish 17

Books are repositories of timeless knowledge, with many copies lasting longer than ones’ lifetime. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that careful attention is paid during every stage during the publication of your book. Our job is to ensure that the finished product appeals to the eyes as well as to the mind.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.


What we publish 18

Catalogues are a great way to showcase your products and services. They are little information packages that give customers rich information. We walk with you through the entire process, from photography to creating or enhancing the content that you share with us. Our design team will also go to great lengths to ensure that your layout and design visions are met.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.

Commemorative books

What we publish 19

We will help you capture the moment of every significant milestone of your organisation’s history and accomplishments through the years. Such publications can be shared as a thoughtful gift item to your stakeholders and partners. With the use of brilliant and clear photography, well-thought-out and beautiful designs, we will tell the story of your company, from its founding right through to the latest big success.

Coffee table books

What we publish 20

Nothing beats a stunning book, rich with imagery and information, laid out in a lobby or lounge, just waiting to be enjoyed. Boasting aesthetic pictures and delightful details, coffee-table books should send a “read me” message as they are exhibited on a table or presented as a gift item. From captivating photography to the vibrant titles and rich information, we work hard to ensure that your coffee-table book is as perfect as it ought to be.

Communication collateral

We place a premium on your organisation’s visibility. Your communication materials should pass concise information about the message that you wish to communicate. As we develop your communication collateral, we will work within your brand guidelines, ensuring that your branding efforts are consistent and powerful, across the board.


What we publish 21

Banners announce that you’re here. Bold designs should contain vivid images that are crisp and clear alongside the texts they integrate with. Our design team will consult you on the perfect options in colour and style that turn the heads of your intended audience, while the right design will be identified that compliments your brand with impact. The editorial team will choose only the information that broadcasts the perfect, clutter-free message, working in tandem with the banner’s overall look.


What we publish 22

Brochures are a compelling reminder of your business activities. With clear illustrations and concise, clear information, we help you to stand apart from everyone else. Your customised brochures will capture the interests of the market you are targeting and move them to take action. The editorial team will focus on the main points, with the design team incorporating the perfectly balanced style that will attract attention.

Note: This is available for both print and online mediums.


What we publish 23

Engaged collaboration between our teams means that we’re able to keep the focus on flyers that serve a very specific function. We work together to combine great visual aspects with a hard-hitting message. With clearly chosen words and our firm commitment to creating visually appealing work, we believe that the first glance of your flyers is as vital as your shopfront message.


What we publish 24

Posters should grab the attention of an audience, immediately and from a distance. We ensure that your striking message is well captured. Whether bold or simple, but captivating, we work to make sure your reader’s eye is drawn to every appealing aspect of the page. Through our design and editorial teams’ joint efforts, we maintain a precise balance between text and imagery that brings out the objective you’re aiming to achieve.