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At Epsilon Publishers, we know that publishing is an art and a science. The overall design and appearance of a publication must appeal to the heart and its content must appeal to the head.Our detailed work-flow ensures that your publication is planned in minute detail. Choosing our tools carefully, we ensure that all the three elements of editorial, design and print come together. Precision is our watch-word. We double, even triple check the work because we understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Ours is a collaborative effort where we incorporate your ideas as well as offer insights from a publishing perspective to create a genius work of art. We never lose sight of the fact that a design has to communicate effectively on all fronts. We like to think of design as a visual language. Just like the spoken or written word, there are certain things that we consider absolutely critical when working on your publication; that the outcome of your work is succinctly and eloquently expressed.

The Nitty Gritty

Books are repositories of invaluable knowledge for human advancement. As such, at every stage towards the publication of your book, we endeavour to ensure that it appeals to the eyes as well as the mind.

Catalogues are the ultimate when it comes to showcasing your products to potential or existing clients. We design vivid, high-finish catalogues to wow your clients and convert that marketing call into a sale.

Your company profile tells the story of your organisation, therefore how it is told is very important. We help you to develop and to publish a compelling profile with which you can engage your target audience.

Business diaries are intimate tools for tracking down appointments, events and meetings as well as recording them when they happen. We design and publish highly customised themed diaries based on your organisation’s culture and history.

E-publishing is a relatively inexpensive way of sharing information online via a multitude of platforms such as websites, blogs, downloadable documents and so on. In developing your e-material, we work with the end consumer in sight to optimise his user experience in accessing the material online.

Newsletters are a great way of sharing business, organisational or industry’s insights with your peers or clients while serving as a subtle marketing instrument. We develop a house style for your newsletter for instant identification and consistency.

Whether for jotting down notes during conferences or meetings or for daily usage, notebooks are a must have item for every staff member at the workplace. We design themed notebooks that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

We synthesise your reports or journal into a policy brief into an abridged version that can be distributed to a wider audience. These are ideal for launches of publications, strategic plans and so on.

Whether financial or study reports, we strive to inject life into your reports so that they are engaging to the reader. We work closely with you to highlight pertinent issues or points so that these can be accessed at a glance.

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