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Great content is spoilt by poor grammar, wrong punctuation, typographical errors and the list could go on and on. We offer editorial and copywriting services to ensure the whole brand, design and publishing process glides along smoothly. Our editorial team is drawn from diverse disciplines; legal, the arts, linguistics. We also have copywriters who ensure that your headlines and titles are spot on.

Our core strength in publishing is providing quality editorial content that is relevant, practical and appealing. We bring together the editorial and design aspect to create publications that are engaging to the audience for which they are intended. We handle publications for both print media and electronic (digital) media. We also do multi- lingual publications, in particular, English, Kiswahili and French.

The Nitty Gritty

Who you are, what you stand for, the kind of solutions you provide… this is the kind of information customers seek in deciding whether to deal with you or not. At Epsilon, we help you develop and package your content for maximum impact.

Developing a publication can be a daunting task. What to include, what to leave out, how to organise the material to flow seamlessly and achieve clarity while at it.  At Epsilon, we provide consultancy services towards the development of your material into a fully-fledged publication with thought provoking content.

Copywriting is an exacting science seeing to it that it is the foundation upon which your marketing endeavours rides on. This is so as getting the right words to market your organisation, product or service will ultimately determine the success of your marketing endeavours. At Epsilon, we work closely with you to generate focused and interesting copy.

Poor grammar and syntax are a vexation to the spirit of the discerning reader and will definitely lead you to lose credibility in his eyes. We proofread and edit your material accordingly, checking out that the table of contents is aligned to the actual content inside your publication, ensuring that paragraphs do not run into each other and correcting instances of poor grammar and syntax.

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