We have moved 1

We have moved

After a season of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are so glad that we can finally get together again. We moved on the 15th of August to our new offices, at Springette Office Park, along Lower Kabete Road.

Our move is in tandem with our Strategic Plan 2022-2024 in which, finding a conducive and environmentally friendly space was one of our goals.  We are proud to announce that we have taken a new step to implement our 2021- 2024 strategic focus on entrenching ourselves in sustainable partnerships and building strong global cooperation. Part of our initial steps to make this possible has been finding a conducive and environmentally friendly space in line with our sustainability focus for our team to work from.  Nestled within nature, our new office space affords us the luxury of working surrounded by the chirping of birds, scampering of squirrels and occasional appearance of Columbus monkeys.

As champions of the Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to ensure there is an increased awareness of the SDG related policies and goals and encouraging them to undertake projects that will help achieve the SDGs by 2030. Our ability to work in a sustainably preserved and maintained space encourages our environmental activities and learning more about environment conservation efforts among our team.

We are excited that our new office space is a step towards inspiring creativity and possibility among our us, as we continue to focus on our core purpose of publishing to create positive social impact.