Zanzibar TSA launch 1

Zanzibar Tourism Satellite Account launch

The Zanzibar Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSAs) report was launched by His Excellency Hemed Suleiman Abdalla, 2nd Second Vice President of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, on the 6th of May 2022 in Zanzibar.

The report provides an internationally recognised and standardised method of assessing the scale of tourism-related production and its links across different sectors. The main objective of this project was to establish the direct economic contribution of tourism to Zanzibar’s economy. The specific goals were to estimate tourism demand and tourism supply, assess value added by tourism activities in the economy of Zanzibar, establish the level of employment generated by tourism activities, measure the gross fixed capital formation by the sector, and measure the collective consumption of tourism services by the Government.

The report will guide the government and Zanzibar’s tourism sector stakeholders develop and market the tourism sector and its economy effectively while building upon its strengths and also identify new opportunities to better market Zanzibar’s tourism market.