SDGs and equal opportunities 1

SDGs in championing equal opportunities

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) play a pivotal role in ensuring that organisations actively champion equal opportunity for everyone to live in prosperity and regality status. Chams & García-Blandón (2019) postulate that it is recommendable for organisations to write and publish about SDGs to help create long-term economic growth, reduce environmental effects, and create a sustainable and better life for present and future generations.

When companies write and publish about SDGs that champion the betterment of people’s lives, especially the minorities, they easily attract investors that avail themselves to offer financial support. According to Chams & García-Blandón (2019), these goals help an organisation set blueprints to assist in achieving a more sustainable future for everyone. The drive to create a safe environment and improve the economic levels of people are enough influential factors to help an organisation thrive from the support it will gain from potential investors and customers from the publications.

In addition, writing and publishing about SDGs create a positive reputation for the organisation, thus attracting more customers requesting its services, attracting new partnerships and synergies which might share the same goals, resulting in the success of achieving the SDGs and the development of new problem-solving techniques and opportunities. Writing and publishing about SDGs can also enable the organisation to identify and convince excellent talents that might be fruitful in helping them achieve their sustainability goals.


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