The making of our strategic plan

(L-R) Joyce Mbugu- Finance Manager, Epsilon Publishers; Achieng Butler- CEO, Digital Beehive Africa; Beatrice Wangari- Editorial Manager, Epsilon Publishers; Mumbi Gichuhi- Managing Director, Epsilon Publishers; Patrick Waswani- Design and Production Manager, Epsilon Publishers; Grace Mwanjalla Mogaka- Head of HR and Admin, Digital Beehive Africa.

The making of our strategic plan

What first comes to mind when you think about the making of a strategic plan? Let me guess…serious rooms with officials who can barely get to offer you a smile as stiffness feels the room. Well, our case was the very opposite of that. Thanks to Achieng Butler, CEO and Grace Mwanjalla Mogaka, Head of HR and Admin at Digital Beehive Africa, the process of making our strategic plan for the year 2022 to 2024 was fun, lively and eye-opening.

Together with the advisory board and management team at Epsilon Publishers, Achieng and her team were able to turn our ideas and opinions into actual-written plans and workable goals. It was a lovely experience, as we determined our vision for the future as Epsilon Publishers. We created and establish a process in which all the mentioned goals should fall as we continue to reach our stated vision.

We are also proud of our commitment to the SDGs publishers’ compact which we ensured to include in our three-year focus as we amplify publishing for SDGs and continue to act as champions of the SDGs in publishing books that inform, impact and inspire action. 

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