6 tips for your next newsletter

6 tips for your next newsletter

If you’re an organisation or a brand looking for a way to keep your audience up-to-date with all the year’s events, you need a newsletter that screams READ ME! What I mean is, your newsletter needs to stand out from the rest. Sprinkle the glitter, place the cherry on the top, light up the nice-smelling candles, make it pop is what we are saying.

When it comes to an email newsletter, a lot of brands and organisations have them now. So, how do you make yours more visible and out of the box from the others? You don’t want your newsletter to just sit in someone’s inbox and have them not read it, right? Well, here are a few tips you can consider when writing your next newsletter.

Provide content that is worth reading. The content that you are sharing with your audience ought to be useful and interesting. Make them actually want to read it. Apart from adverts, have something interesting. It could be special offers, trivia or fun ‘did you know’ sections to keep them on the edge of their seats as they read. Industry news or tips/advice is also a smart way to keep your readers interested and engaged.

Grab their attention with the headline/ topic. Remember the cherries and the glitters we mentioned? Here is where we bring them in. You want to make sure your readers want to read your newsletter just as soon as they see it. What I need you to note though is this: don’t make it one of those cliché titles we see on some pages then once you open the content isn’t as captivating as you thought it would be. Match the title to the content (resemblance) to earn your readers trust.

Speaking of trust, establish trust with your audience by being consistent. Once you are, they will already start to know what to expect when they open and read your newsletter. It doesn’t mean you hold back from adding variety or new techniques, just make sure they trust what you have to say. That they treat you as an authority.

Your readers or subscribers are probably not experts in your field. Therefore, write for them. What this means is that you have to explain everything in layman’s terms and explain any industry terms, abbreviations or acronyms. Sometimes people get used to industry terms that they forget others might not understand them. You can proofread your newsletter with the reader in mind for any assumed understanding and explain it more simply/better.

Keep it short and simple. People like to read material that is easy to read and digest too. So, don’t cram your newsletters with so much information and too many different articles. Sometimes, brands and organisations can fill their newsletters with too many different articles and several thousand words. And honestly, we get it. They want to compile all their grand ideas especially with the first edition but come the next edition, they might have run out of ideas. What holding back a few articles for the next newsletter does is that it will help prevent writer’s block at the same time make your newsletters more appealing to your readers.

Keep them regular. Like we said, with consistency, be sure that you release your newsletters regularly. At times, if people receive your newsletter and it’s been so long since they received the last one that they can barely remember you, it’s likely to be on the bottom of their reading list. It’s very difficult getting the right frequency so that it’s regular enough that you stay in people’s minds, but not so frequent that it just gets annoying.

Somewhere between once a week and once a month is usually considered about right. However, some organisations do quarterly newsletters too. The exact frequency will need to be down to you to decide what you think your subscribers want. At Epsilon Publishers, we can help you create and compile high-quality newsletters that your readers will enjoy.