How to improve your grammar skills

How to improve your grammar skills

Recently, I close friend of mine and I reconnected and ended up having a deep and great conversation on careers and what we would like to do in future. During the career conversation, a question was posed to me-the kind that makes you say ‘good question’. My friend asked me how I improve my grammar. I sat with this question, really thinking about it, and my response was that I consume a lot of material that helps with that.

Aside from my newly found love for the Ted Lasso comedy as well as Young Sheldon which help me add to my vocabulary, I like to read magazines and books and listen to podcasts or watch vlogs and interviews. After we expounded on some of these answers, I went home and wondered how some of the things we had spoken about had sparked an article idea. So, here we are. I will share some tips on how to improve your grammar skills. Grammar can be quite confusing sometimes, or complex. However, it plays an important role in your life. Here are a few tips:

Reading helps, and it is probably the number one way to improve your grammar skills. Not only does it reinforce correct grammar in your mind but also will help with your writing. You will learn how to use words correctly, be particularly knowledgeable in sentence fluency and have your vocabulary increase.

A grammar manual can come in pretty handy for when you need a reference. When a grammar question arises, you can refer to the manual and obtain an answer. Grammar and writing guidebooks which are high quality, exist in the market. Furthermore, Google can be a reliable friend when you need some answers, all you need to do is remain curious.

Writing can really benefit you on the road to improving your grammar skills. Writing while practising how to use proper grammar will eventually help the grammar to come more naturally.

Research on some basic parts of speech. Learning and reviewing some of these basic principles is a vital part of getting better. You could also do some research on some of the common grammatical errors people tend to make.

Do some practice. There are several sources that are excellent in helping someone improve their grammar skills. They could either be online or in print. Searching for one on the Internet will reveal grammar games and exercises. Set aside each day to complete some grammar exercises if you struggle in a particular area. Practice tests can really help improve your grammar skills, it is a simple act that is bound to make a difference.

Listen to feedback. If you are a student, listen to advice from your teacher or tutor as they give you feedback. If they notice, for example, that you have trouble with using hyphens in words or with subject-verb agreement, pay close attention to those areas as you proofread your work. A personalised checklist can come in handy because once you create one, it will help you to be more aware of what you need to check in your writing.

You can also try proofreading out loud. Re-reading material you have already written can help your brain to fill in gaps of any missing information. Even though we might not always catch our mistakes when we proofread, reading it out loud, sometimes to someone else, can help you see whether you have used correct grammar.