From blocks of clay to finished product

Imagine building a home. I know. It is one of the most exciting and rewarding things one can do. Although in reality, it can also be financially painful. These are facts that we know or have seen/ heard. The process of publishing a manuscript is quite similar to that of building a home; it requires skill, the right tools for the job and the right people, and of course the prototype/blueprint which in this case we can call the manuscript.

Now, let’s set down our “blocks of clay” and see how we can view the building of a home like that of publishing a manuscript.

Get in sync with your priorities

When it comes to publishing a manuscript, it is surprising how many people try to figure out priorities as they go. It is therefore important, that at the beginning or start of the process that you list out the things you want in and for your book. You can then go through each item in priority sequence either with your publishing company or your team to break down how things will flow.

For example, if you have written a manual and would like to have pictures in some sections, highlight these sections so that the design team can create an image that captures the context on that page. You could also want to have line spaces for the readers to note down their thoughts or answer questions at the end of each chapter.

Although a team of editors can suggest this as they go along, if it is on your priority list, do let them know. At the same time, the design or editorial team will also help expand and actualize your ideas or make them more polished in order to reach the targeted audience.

Just like a home, and how you can make a list of every room in the home and then for each room, have each person list out the things they want in that room. It is the same for publishing, getting clear on what the top priorities are that you aren’t willing to budge on will really help keep the process smooth as you begin.

The build process

Now that you have your priorities set out and have your team in hand, it is time to let them do their magic! You will want to follow up with the publishing house or have a work plan of the project breakdown. The team can schedule meetings after every two weeks to let you know how the process is going or there can be follow-up emails to help keep you in the know.

You are likely to be asked some questions or given time to make a lot of decisions during this process. It is important to trust the initial plan and know that everything was designed and is edited to look amazing together. If you do change your mind, you can let the team know and they can see how to incorporate your new ideas without losing the uniqueness that will set apart your publication.

You can rely on the professional publishing team to guide you through the decisions the same way a dream building team can help manage the build process project and make it simple and easy for you.

Final inspections and move in!

The same way a builder would ask you to do a final walk-through near completion of your home, the publishing team will ask you to review the draft. You can make a list of all of the fine details left to do or you want to be added before your book is ready to head out to the market. Make sure to remain attentive and observant as the team ensures that your book reads well, is clear and beautiful.