The art of getting what you want

The art of getting what you want

Manifesting a trip to Diani. I know. We have all/some of us have seen that post on social media. But really, I am. Aren’t we all? Your Diani could be the Cayman Islands, Maldives, Greece, Prague… wherever it is your heart wishes to be. Where you feel you will experience more thrill/happiness/something different.

For those of us who have seen the Manifesting a trip to Diani post, it mentioned that for those who have, they have already prepared for the said trip. A few weeks or days later….our stories online are blasted by pictures of the mentioned ‘vacay’. And there we are wondering how to get to our own ‘Diani’s’.

Well… I think life has kicked over a few lessons my way about getting what you want and actually having it. Minus the aspect of luck, you are going to read about a few pointers that would probably help you as you boldly walk through your journey to attain your heart’s desires.

With the art of getting what you want, I will start with the first lesson. Boldness. Yes, boldness. Boldness to speak even if your voice shakes. Boldness to do what you thought or felt was unimaginable/impossible and boldness to go for it. This skill is separate from courage. While courage asks that you not be intimidated by things easily and not be afraid, boldness requires you to speak your mind clearly.

On courage, I will quote one of my most favourite people whose interviews I enjoy watching…anytime. Maya Angelou. “Courage is the most important of all virtues because, without courage, you cannot practice any of the other virtues consistently.” Imagine the kind of a powerhouse both (boldness and courage) would form! Therefore, go forth, be bold. Speak your mind; gently but firmly, with honesty and integrity.

To my second point. What T.I once said, “Success comes when opportunity meets preparation.” My question to you is this… are you prepared? If you aren’t, what are you doing to stay prepared? If it is a new job, are you adding an extra skill to help you rise higher on the success ladder? Are you going over mistakes you had done before and redoing the work to get better? How are you handling criticism either from your boss, colleagues or your friends? Believe it or not, these are some of the steps that will help you rise above, like the phoenix, it all depends on how you handle them.

Believe in yourself. I know. We have heard this statement countless times that we don’t want to hear it anymore. However, when you think about it. It does make sense. Believe in yourself. Your potential. Your fire. Your strength. How extraordinary you are, how talented and amazing you are! Confidence goes a long way. Once you are confident in how you are and in who you are, others will see it too. They will see the authenticity, bravery and strength that you possess! With this confidence, you can go for what you need, want and believe you deserve.

Visualisation. You can print your photos and DIY your vision board. Afterwards, hang it up somewhere you will be able to see everything daily. A visual representation in view helps to remind you constantly what you are working towards and further keeps you motivated. Choose photos to represent each goal that you can look at every day on your vision board and be constantly reminded of what you’re truly striving for.

Stay resourceful. Efficiency and smart investment are your secret weapons. If you really want something, then why wait? Figure out a way to get you where you want to be no matter what your current life situation is at the moment. For example, you want to work with a great writing/publishing company… write every day. If you want to work as a copywriter, write down each idea that comes to mind. Put together the content, network and reach out to people in the field. Check out videos and books on how to become a better writer, take tests online and send out CVs. I know this won’t just come in a day, however, being resourceful counts. More than you know.