How to find clarity

How to find clarity

In life, we go through periods that force or cause us to need clarity. The reason? Could be a state of feeling like you don’t know what is happening, it could be finding clarity to pursue a venture, clarity on how to do better or even how to make things work. Many have struggled with seeing things clearly, for what they really are or even how they could be in future. The need to find and seek clarity is very important and here are a few simple things you can practice on your journey.

Eliminating distractions. A lot of distractions exist in life, it could be distractions from bad behaviour/practices and even hanging out with the wrong crowds. As you seek and find clarity, it is important to remember the reason why you are doing it and how these distractions are holding you back. Get rid of the distractions and focus on yourself to help get some necessary answers.

Limit phone and social media usage. In this day and age, the material you consume online can either build or break you. Be careful about how you use your time on the phone and on social media for you to not lose sight of an important thing. Less time online for a short while can help you to think better and deeper about what is bothering you or what you are unsure about.

Meditate. There are different forms of meditation and according to the one that draws you in more, you can use this to practice silence and have quiet moments in order to enjoy well-thought-out ideas or decisions. Sit in silence for 10-20mins and relax your mind. Breathe. Really, breathe. You can be seated in a well-lit or cosy room, or even outside enjoying nature. Light a scented candle in your room or incense. This will help.

Seek advice from a trusted friend/family member/mentor. For someone who takes time to listen and understand you, you can open up to them and let them know what your thoughts are. Even if you don’t get all the answers because it is you who is going through your journey, they can help give opinions or ideas from which you can generate answers or use to think deeper.

Keep a journal. Writing down your thoughts or feelings in a journal can help you to keep a track of what is going on and how it makes you feel. As you keep a journal, you get to see your flow of thoughts and let go of mental clutter. When you reflect on your thoughts and do a self-analysis, it can help you to be more productive and give more energy to what truly matters to you.

Clarity is always there, but you don’t always see it/ you ignore it. At times we are lost in temporary, personal thought, our minds can clear up a bit. This can give us a sense of direction. Listening to intuitions and following instincts is something people take for granted. They are important because they are mostly correct and are guiding us to what is clear or what is right, they are a natural part of us that we ought to take time to listen to. Therefore, the next time you get a strong feeling about something, listen.