5 things to do once your book is on Amazon

5 things to do once your book is on Amazon

It is noted that the average book sells less than 250 copies so what that translates to is that there is more to be done after getting it on Amazon. Working out how to get your book online and actually managing to upload it is a big deal. This is only the first step and now let us explain five more things you need to do to get people to not only see your book but actually buy it, according to Julie Broad of Book launchers, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKx1lFOj7qGseYruGokKVjg.

Get reviews

Verified purchase reviews are absolutely amazing. You can spread the book around to your acquaintances and colleagues and ask them to read it and write a review. What you need to make sure is that they are not related to you, for objectivity purposes. The harsh reality however is that the number of people you ask to write a review is going to actually be higher than the number of reviews you will receive. Most people will appreciate the free book but only 20-30% will write a review.

Even if you politely ask them to, some of them might not actually follow up on their commitment, therefore, you need to get a lot more people to commit. Posting on Facebook asking for a commitment or sending emails to them might not work. However, you can try to contact these people individually to get initial reviews. And now as we can see, reviews are hard to get, so when you read your favourite author’s book, take time to write a review on it too.

Submit your book to the “look inside” programme

This is where people can click your book and head to certain pages to read them. What this does is that it gives them a chance to preview the content of your book without giving them access to the full read. In relation to marketing, it is a perfect marketing tool. However, if you haven’t submitted the Kindle version of your book, which is responsible for creating the “look inside” part, automatically, you can submit it to the programme as described; Go to “search inside! Publisher sign-up” then the “look inside” will be activated on the main detail page of your book in a seven to ten-day period after you submit the content.

You need to have an ISBN which corresponds directly to the one you have submitted on the Amazon catalogue. The other thing is that the submitted content in the “look inside” programme ought to be the same as the one inside your book.

Create your author page on Amazon Central

This allows you to upload any extra pictures, biography or any more details of your book. As you even write more books, you can add them in this section too. It is an amazing way for customers to find you in a different spot on Amazon. If you do not have an Amazon Central account, you need to set it up. When you look it up, it says that it takes about a week for it to be visible but for some authors, it has shown up faster than that.

Plan promotions for your book

You can focus this on selling on Amazon after every three to five months in order to ensure that your book climbs up the rank on a regular basis. This way, it can be seen by new readers because most times, the books they see are those that are ranking highest in specific categories. Some books are also more visible to readers if they are currently being sold or currently being viewed by people who are looking at other books that they are interested in.

Plan promotions that drive sales to Amazon within the mentioned monthly period so that you can ensure that your book stays refreshed and is visible to new people.

Using Metadata

There are a couple of different approaches. One of them is using keywords that are associated with your book and ensure that they remain updated. One resource you can use is, “let’s get visible” where you can learn about metadata. You can also learn about the different categories and pick one that makes the most sense for your book. Do some research and look at the books that are already online to see where they rank overall on Amazon.

If you find a category where for example, a lot of the books are ranking over a million overall, you have a good shot of ranking highly in that particular category. You also want to be inside the core categories and have the right keywords that correspond. A tip in finding keywords is inside Amazon’s search bar where you can start typing them in and see what auto-fills. This will give you some sense of what Amazon has searched for before, the available key words available and those being used.

All the best in with your new book!