On values

On values

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about values. Not only in the workplace, but also in life. Values and lessons we want to teach our children, that we want to practise and those we wish others would practise more.

As I think about this, I feel strongly that more frequently practised values would make a huge change in our lives. After all, isn’t that what we are all after? Making a difference in a positive way?

To start, I will speak about honesty. This is one value I treasure. Honesty is respected more too. You would rather someone share with you the ugly or brutal honesty than stick to lies. For example, your colleague at work notices that you have been slacking at work and your results haven’t been as good. Your boss calls you to the office to have a talk about this but you disagree with them and think that they have it all wrong. You go back to your colleague to ask if what was said is true and they end lying to you and they say that the boss is wrong too.

However, your colleague has noticed that you spend more time on your phone than you are supposed to or that you daydream or do unnecessary things when it is work time. If this person is truly genuine, they should tell you this truth which will help you get back on track and do better at work.


Kindness is another value or quality we can talk about. Kind words, acts of kindness. In life, even when we are going through our ups and downs, it is always a good thing to perform acts of kindness and speak this way too. You may choose to not talk back to someone after they have insulted you, extend grace because you do not know what someone is facing, buy a warm cup of coffee for your colleague who helped you with something the previous week and so on.

You could also choose to perform these acts daily in a small way. Kindness requires us to act with humility and to be considerate of others. It might be hard, but I believe that whatever we choose to show and give others, the universe has an interesting way of reciprocating it back to us.

Hard work is another one. This merged with discipline build a solid foundation for success, commitment and excellence. It could be with the small things; for example, making sure to finish work by the allocated time and applying focus. Or, it could be with the big things, like managing a team and leading in a way that shows how much effort you are applying in the tasks (your team will notice and they will look up to you and follow this)

Hard work and discipline never go unpaid. These are also values that have millionaires and billionaires. Work hard for a better life, a better future and to also teach others and be a role model.

Persistence. At work, this could be with following up with a big client who would hugely help your organisation. It could also be reminding your friends to go for that job they are too scared to apply for but you know they would be great at. Persistence leaves you in the mind of someone, it makes an impression-a lasting one. Therefore, in that area where you feel like it might be needed, do go for it.

Courage is another big value we can add. Courage is the first step needed in achieving something. When practised consistently, it yields great results. This applies in a lot of areas in life; whether it is applying for a job, going on an interview, leading a team, learning a new skill, facing that person who constantly treats you in a way that isn’t right, you need courage.

Lastly, we can talk about integrity. This is doing the good and right thing. Integrity calls for us to always carry ourselves this way even when no one is watching. Whether it is telling the truth, being an upright person, providing help when someone needs it and so on. Choose integrity and be a good person. Integrity comes in many forms; being respectful, loyal, faithful, honest and many more.

In practising all of these values, I would also like to mention the power of the sixth sense. It speaks in a voice so loud that we ought to listen most of the times, therefore, listen if you know it will be the best thing to do.

Each one of us can make difference, big or small. All we have to do is to decide to make the first step in doing things we know we should be doing and things that are right.

In what area of your life do you which to make a difference? What values do you need to instil to do this?