Year-end reflections

Year-end reflections

2020 is coming to an end, and boy has it been a ride! However, in the bumpiness of that ride, we have experienced a lot of beautiful moments. From bonding more with our families, to live indoor concerts, and nations and countries coming together to fight a pandemic proving that with unity, we can go a long way. During this year, a lot of us have also gotten the opportunity to look deeply into our passions, explore creativity and be more productive in areas that we had let remain dormant for a while.

With this time, you may have also gotten time to reflect on the year that is coming and see what to change or what to gear up on. Here is our list of reflections that you may also think over, we shall start with the ones for 2020.

What are the adjectives that best describe your year? Has it been active? With more gym time or walks around the neighbourhood? Bold, did you make any bold moves that made you step out of your comfort zone? Adaptable, have you been able to adapt to some new or different ways of doing things amidst the COVID-19 era.

Top 10 highlights of the year. What are the peaks of 2020? Can you name 10 of them?

What/who were some of your biggest distractions? Sometimes you might get distracted by things when you ought to be focusing on work or spending time with your friends or family. List some of these distractions and work on dismissing them or giving them less and less attention gradually (if they are bad distractions). Some distractions could be watching movies, browsing online, texting e.t.c.

What did you discover about yourself? This period has definitely made us look into our deeper selves and I bet you might have discovered one or two things about yourself. For example, has your sister’s new baby made you realise you are good with kids? Did doing the touchups in your new house bring out the DIY-pro in you and you might just share pictures on Pinterest?

What are some of the lessons and skills you have learnt? Have you learned to be bold enough in saying what you mean and feel after someone told you you are a pushover? Did you learn how to knit or got better at playing Sudoku?


For 2021

What do you want to do more or less of? Did you practise more swimming moves and now you want to go swimming every Saturday morning? Have you been taking too much sugar and now want to cut back on it?

What is that goal that you want to achieve that might be making you very nervous? It could be a new career and sending your job application to your dream company. Or it could also be opening up a bakery because you enjoy making pastries and other delicacies.

Bring out the artist in you, create a vision board. Vision boards help you manifest what you want to achieve in life. From relationships, career, self-care and so on, they are a great way of building and seeing your vision.

Show your appreciation. Let people know you love them. Say thank you to your local guard when he opens the gate for you. Send a card or flowers to someone special. Be generous to people who come along your way.

Any plans on monetising your passion? You can turn your hobby into a business. For example, if you love knitting, you could make good-quality sweaters or outfits and sell them online. All it takes is the courage to take that first step!

Best wishes during this season and even more in the coming year!