Signs to publish your book

Signs to publish your book

You have your manuscript with you that you can’t stop thinking about when you wake up more and more ideas form in your head as you scribble down the next scene and change a few things here and there.

Now, sometimes you may question whether your ideas are good or bad. The truth is, the ideas that you have might sometimes not be the what helps market your book more. This isn’t to mean that they are bad ideas.

However, sometimes, the ideas in writing need to be tweaked just a little bit before marketing. For example, if you want to write a children’s book you cannot rumble about the escapades of teenagers or wild things that they might run into. See what I mean? That would not be advisable. You can instead bring on board ideas such as supervised sleepovers, bouncing castles, children sneaking candy into bed, haha, and so on.

Before we get into the signs you should publish a book, let us first have a look into what would have your book sell excluding the idea behind it. First, the idea you have could sometimes be similar to a previously published book. Whether it is a fiction one about a magical land or teenagers teleporting into a different world, these are ideas that other people have come up with before in writing and there could possibly be 900000 books on them.

The examples mentioned are known as the premise of the book/novel and they aren’t quite distinct. For a book to sell via premise, it would require an excellent high-concept elevator pitch so that immediately a curious reader hears it, they will want to buy it and read. On the other hand, others would sell based on the strength of the writer, the story’s unique attribute, compelling characters, writing style and so on.

There are a lot of signs to publish your book; when you start thinking about your it day-in and day-out, and these ideas perhaps hijack your dreams, leaving other hobbies in the back seat, this could be a sign that the world needs to experience your work.

Another sign is your close friends and family know almost every detail about your book and the characters, down to even the very minute detail of your character’s favourite drink on Fridays, or the brand of hair gel sitting on your protagonist’s dressing mirror. You simply cannot stop rambling about.

You ask for feedback from quasi-friends or acquaintances and you give the book to them unbiased and they actually like it! Afterwards, you handle their feedback/criticism with maturity and an open mind. This shows that you are learning to take in some harsh comments from the professional literary world.

Even when they say no, you still keep pushing. You have this resilience in you that just shows how much passion you have and how dedicated you are in writing. The type of commitment you continue to show just shows how much further you are willing to advance and grow your passion. You are ready to face the journey head-on!