The Journey of a thousand miles

The Journey of a thousand miles


Sometimes life just seems to be moving too fast, and as we sit and wait for the perfect opportunities to get something, rarely do we remember that time waits for no man.

The journey of a thousand miles with one step, a saying attributed to Chinese Philosopher, Lao-Tzu. Yet, so many of us procrastinate taking that first leap of faith and doing what our hearts and minds desire. What we know deep inside is our true calling.

There is a phrase that goes “Day one Vs One day” when you think about it, day one means that you have finally put your mind to doing or pursuing something while one day is more of a wish than something you will start doing now. To help explain this, let us use the example of a person who keeps procrastinating on building their goal as an author. They have the idea, they can make time to write a few paragraphs each day but then again, they do not want to push forward and have that Day one of writing it.

If you went to the deepest part of your brain, what would you say you are immensely passionate about? What is that thing you cannot stop thinking about? How are you working on getting there now? If you are only thinking about what you want to do and not doing it, there is no way you are making any steps in the achievement of greatness.

Sometimes, you might get stuck in the “how”; How will I start when I don’t have money? How will I get that job? Once the “how” comes, you can think of an answer to it. For example, if you want to land that job, how are you working on your CV and in school or a different job to get there? Are you giving every single bit of it your best? If you have the opportunity of pitching an idea to a well-known successful entrepreneur, will you build up the courage to go up to them or will you cower in your seat and feel like you are not good enough? Remember, the worst answer you can get is a no. That does not limit your greatness or make you small.

When you begin to build on your goals, remember to practice patience. It is a tough virtue to learn, but indeed an important one. As human beings, once we start building on our “Day one”, we get impatient along the way and want to see results in that minute, that month, that year, and so on. We end up forgetting that building dreams takes time, investing in the best takes time, same case as actualising our visions and wants. Therefore, remember to practice patience as you push on your goals, practice hard work and be firm, having in mind that one day as you work on your deepest desires, you will emerge at the top.