Content calendar planning

Content calendar planning

Have you ever struggled to create content? For a blog, a Vlog or even social media posts?

Sometimes pushing back that task until you realise it’s been way too long since you created anything new? I have.

If you are looking to find a way to break down creative ideas into a manageable plan so you can schedule your work into a calendar, this article will possibly be of help. The key is consistency and discipline.

Set aside time– take out time to actually plan. You can mark off a few hours to do nothing but planning. Failing to set aside time will make nothing happen, therefore, deliberate time is needed to implement that action.

To switch it up and get more creative, you can look for a different environment. This could be at your favourite café, overlooking greenery at a picnic spot and so on,

Categorise your content topics- you can list out the topics or categories you write, post or Vlog about. For example, if you create content on cooking, your categories could include recipes, fresh groceries on a budget, breakfast combos, dinner combos, getting creative with left-overs and so on. Categorising them this way will help to see your work from an aerial point of view. It will also help to come up with more content ideas and narrow down your market.

Establish a consistent content schedule– if you decided on putting out a piece of content that means you need to plan out 52 pieces per year. If you can put out one amazing piece every week, then you will be able to grow a loyal following. Even if its 2 pieces per week, as long as you can be consistent, then that is great.

On your now formed table or Google spreadsheet, you can plan quarterly so that you are able to achieve those goals with better focus.

Brainstorm on ideas– now that you know how many posts you will need per year or per month, you can start coming up with ideas. Any ideas that come into mind can be added, as you do this, you will also have time to refine everything and have it have a better direction. You can use FAQs or different online platforms to derive ideas from, such as Pinterest, Facebook (questions people are asking), Google Analytics and so on.

One way of creating different posts for one piece of content is breaking down questions and tips such as: How to, reviews, list posts, myths, step-by-step, best tips, interviews and so on.

Let’s say one of your categories is washing and when you did your brainstorming you want to write about washing your golden retriever.

You can create several different posts about washing your golden retriever:

  • How to wash your golden retriever
  • Best products to use when washing your golden retriever
  • How often to wash your golden retriever
  • 5 hacks to easily wash your golden retriever

Create a schedule- you can first look at your entire calendar and check out any important dates you already had planned. If your content is centred on holidays, or any important events, you will want to make sure you plan your content accordingly. Afterwards, you can now refine your ideas and putting a date for when the content will be posted. Do this for the entire quarter and you will now have an entire year’s worth of content ideas to pull from when you are creating your content calendar each quarter.

Now you can go back to your planner and block of time to actually write this content.

You can use Asana or Trello to help place in the due dates for all the new content and stay on track.