“I wish I had learned more; I wish I had done more.” Shhh, little heart, learn now; do now

Alarm rings. He puts on his slippers, yawns as he slowly walks to the kitchen; hunger getting the best of him. He briefly stops by the balcony window and stares outside, “the birds seem to be having the best time”, he says as he makes his wimbi porridge and toast.

It’s been this way for the past two weeks, all activities put on hold and he has to work from home. He does enjoy the rest, but he is used to having busy days and running around beating traffic to get things done. He doesn’t miss the crowds downtown, but he wishes that was the reality right now. His favourite food place closed, one metre distances in the supermarket, hasn’t seen his close friends this whole time. He looks at the TV, same stories, more cases; a frown forms and his face drops.

He sighs and sits on his desk shortly, e-mails flood into his computer and he opens them one by one. “I’m grateful for this job, at least I have something to do”, he says.

The government announced a precautionary move that advised citizens to stay at home and work from home too, if possible. Fewer people in the streets, the air seems cleaner it seems. Curfew at 7pm; reminds him of his primary school days. He sighs and starts to work but then again he thinks, “What do I do with all the free time after this? Shopping-done, books-read, work assignments- need the client to get back to me, house- sort of clean.” Time passes and its afternoon already, but still seems like a long day to him.

Suddenly, he stumbles upon his vision board, a bit dusty and under a pile of his read books. “2020”, the board reads.

He looks through it and realises all the goals he had set up to accomplish in the year, two of them down but he has not done as well as he thought he would. “I should use this time to better myself”, he thinks, “I could actually be more productive and create a workable routine to follow daily.”

There he begins his journey to change his system of living, it gets easier every day. Even his wimbi porridge and toast doesn’t seem too boring after all. He is grateful for health, grateful for food and his loved ones are okay.

News show that the earth is changing, the o-zone layer is even repairing itself, and pollution levels have gone down. His boss notices how much he has been consistent and that he has already created a strategy of how the company can rise from the ashes that have brought down the economic aspect of almost every other company.

He has a book he has always wanted to write and daily or a few times in the week, he gets snippets of ideas on what to write and notes them down. He is becoming more productive and when he gets a little bored, he gets ideas online on how to build plans he has for his future. This encourages him to walk with hope that soon everything will be okay and he can get to build his dreams.

Earth seems to be on hold, but humanity could change, positively. Using time well, learning, dancing like no one is watching, keeping fit and checking on our close people. We can use this time to think long-term and work long-term too; for sustainable ideas and implementations of those ideas, for the betterment of nations and households, for earth’s and humanity’s survival.