Before your book goes live

Before your book goes live

The gray area is that period between when the author is working on growing an audience, when they have started writing the book and it has not yet been released. During this time, there is a need to grow an audience but then you do not want to give out way to much about your book and you do not know how to talk about it.

To attract an audience and grow a relationship with them, it is important to keep them engaged in different material that you post. You have to be consistent. Even before your book is completed and before it goes live, it is important to start that process as soon as possible.

Know who you want to connect with and share different posts with friends that you know they might like. If you have common interests, this will only make this part easier. Focus on your ideal reader even when it comes to marketing your book, it will change your entire perspective. Your posts will be more effective and more relevant. Genuineness in posts will be created and this will help to target and reach the right people.

Think about topics, hobbies, and circumstances that you share with your ideal reader, don’t just share content only related to your book or writing. Or, you could even give a little hint as you share posts; for example, if I want to write a book on gardening, I can pose a question such as “what is the hardest part about gardening?” This not only creates a conversation around what I am writing about but it will also create more ideas to grow my book. You can also share an interest such as your love for travel or exercising, these topics will help you connect with other people on a human level and not just as an author trying to sell a book.

You can also share pain points that some of the readers may be struggling with. For example, if your book is on managing finances, you can share a calculation method to help them set aside money every month.

Take your readers on a journey. You can share pictures or videos from your research and give the audience hints on what your next book is about. People like their interest and curiosity sparked a little, this will keep them waiting to read your work. Anticipation is built and the audience will be given just a small taste to make them feel like they are on the journey with you.

Put yourself out there in ways you know your ideal reader will be drawn to you. Serve your reader with encouragement, inspiration, a laugh or even a much-needed break in the day. With all the existing new methods of online entertainment, TikTok videos, for example, you could find a way to get your audience talking to you. This will also help to set you apart, once you know where your strongest niche lies; just remember to interact with them when they respond.

Treat your audience like gold, no matter how big or how small it may seem. Ask your audience where they like to buy their books, where they discover new books, what blogs they frequently visit and so on. This way you will get insight, details and information you need to reach even more people.