The Year for Growth

The Year for Growth

There is a poem, by Marianne Williamson that I love. Every time I read it, it motivates me to get up and get going to push on to achieving my goals. This poem speaks about one’s deepest fear; “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” It forces us to think why we should not be all that we are called to be. You want to be brilliant? Why not go ahead and start? You want to be gorgeous and fabulous? Well, you already are. The words in this poem carry so much wisdom that I would suggest that you give it a read too.

We are 13 days into the year 2020, and I don’t know whether it is just me, but can you taste all the goodness and success that is about to come? (I have no prior professional skills in counselling or motivational speaking, haha, I do believe though that words and the right boost of positive energy and hard work goes a long way).

As sure and rich as Vantablack, which puts regular black to shame, this year shines upon us with promising paths, finding treasure and growth. Lots and lots of growth.

What are your resolutions for the year? What sectors in your life do you wish for growth? Business? Your career? Overall goals? Your talents to be realised? To grow and make a difference in the world?

Whatever it may be, you are not limited and neither should you feel held back. The former US President, Barrack Obama in his campaign for president went with the motto, “Yes we can”. This motto and huge show of faith and belief rang on to the minds and heart even lips of many. My question is, what is stopping you?

A growth mentality sees failure not as a detriment, but as a springboard to success. One way to foster a growth mentality is to push yourself beyond what you think you can do. In one interesting study, researchers asked participants to cycle as hard as they could for 4,000 meters. Later, participants were given the same instructions but were able to race against an avatar of their previous ride. What they didn’t know was that the avatar was going faster than they did previously. The result was that participants rode alongside their avatar, going significantly further than they did the first time. When you push yourself, you can surpass even your own expectations.  (FORBES)