Tis the Season

Tis the Season

December is here! More family time, stories around the fireplace, looking forward to New Year’s (which happens to be one of my favourite times of the year), setting goals and giving a whole lot of thanksgiving!

Well, not only is this this the time when we also acquire those few leave days to spoil ourselves in more nyama choma with friends (haha), but this is also the time when you see people taking vacations to new places and doing things they were wishing to do come end of the year.

Supermarkets and malls are filled with crowds of people making Christmas shopping, and kids hanging out during the holidays. Some tour companies receiving lots of clients making enquiries and booking trips; so if you have not yet made these plans, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but it might be a little late to get a good deal.

What are some of your plans? Writing a book during your free time? Interesting fact, The New York Times did a research and found that around 81% of people have a story they want to write but they have not written yet! Makes me wonder, how many of us are this way? We all have a story to tell, in one way or another, why aren’t we? Remember the good old days of maziwa ya Nyayo, ice-cream trucks making rounds to neighbourhoods and kids running to get their favourite flavours, or was it those childhood love notes and hanging out till late only for our parents to come looking for us because we were out for too long?

Times have indeed changed, hours outside have now been reciprocated with indoor video games being played and catching up with favourite series or new movies. Call me old-fashioned, although I am only in my mid twenties, but I still enjoy nature trails, visiting animal parks/orphanages and watching the beautiful skies at night; spending time with nature in short. I digress.

This December season also opens us up to reviewing the year that is about to pass. Graduations, weddings, a baby that was born, a new career, an expansion in business, could be anything. It is, moreover, important to always be grateful for all that we have experienced while we await and work to receiving even more beautiful days like the ones that have passed.

As we remain grateful, we can also practice the gift of giving! Showering love, giving time to those we cherish, buying an extra pair of socks for a friend who has been complaining that the weather is too cold, offering a smile and generally being kind people.

Stay jolly!