It’s almost that time of the year; streets filled with merry singing, fireworks lighting up our beautiful skies when the clock strikes midnight, children being allowed to stay up late to usher in a new season/year, resolutions and new developments…whew,the holidays are almost here guys!

The homestretch is the part of a racecourse between the last turn and the winning post; a jockey on a horse racing against time to hold the first spot, adrenaline gushing through his blood stream, crowds cheering, a member of the crowd who had placed a straight bet anxiously crosses his legs with eyes fixated on the horse he placed his money on, quite a thrilling moment, isn’t it?

The homestretch not only applies to such a competition with horses, but also to so many other instances. One, I would say, is this second last month of the year whereby people are waiting for the year to close and start afresh on a new one. To add on to the anxious waiting, this homestretch comes with loaded expectations from people around us and us trying to finish up or accomplish some of the goals we had set at the beginning of the year.

During this time, you can write down some of the peak moments you have experienced. You will be surprised by just how much goodness and happiness you have actually had. A friend of mine has this habit of keeping a “jar of good moments”; when a good moment is experienced, it is written down a piece of paper and stored in a jar then once the year is almost coming to an end, all the little notes are read and the moments appreciated.

You can also review how you spent most of your time during the year, after this, you can make a plan to get rid of those things that have been draining your energy. Smarter ways to spend your time will ensure that no clutters are heaped upon your daily life routines.

When you create the time, say 10 minutes a day to do an end of the year review, it will create a path to follow through in order to accomplish pending goals. This could also help to give you key insights about your life and how you want to grow next year.

Let’s make this homestretch a worthy one as we finish strong guys.