The Smart Choice

The smart choice 1

The Smart Choice

Recently, during my free time, I came across one of the most eye-opening YouTube videos/lessons of all time. I was hesitant because hidden within its title were a couple of truths I was hesitant to come into contact with or rather, accept; truths that described various setbacks that might happen in life with lack of smart choices.

I gazed at the computer for a few seconds then my mind drifted to think about fear; why do we sometimes get so afraid when harsh truths about life or about us are revealed? Why is it than we get so comfortable in our comfort zone and get lost in an unending maze of bad, unwise decisions?

I looked back on life, thought about the topic on the video once more ‘Women and Money’. Gathering the courage to finally click the play button, I sat upright and journeyed into a world that would be the beginning of a new, positive, bigger outlook on life and the immense amount of opportunities it poses to us.

As it began, the guests spoke about how they felt when the money topic was raised; one said it made her shudder, the second woman said she thought about how to invest and save money while the third said she used to feel like money has specific people who ought to have it; having been brought up from a poor background, this is the view they held (at some point for number 1 and 3)

I sat back, carefully listening and wondering what my answer would have been. At different stages in life, I felt like my answer revolved around all three the guests gave. Scary? Perhaps.

Ponder over it for a moment… which one are you among the three?

Many a time we are usually afraid to make the smart choice (answer 2); whether it is work-related, with family, the company we keep, or the next big move. If you check deeply, it’s mostly fear that holds us back… or the mentality of “what if?” What if it fails? What if no one likes it? What if my friends think I’m moving too fast and not ‘enjoying life’?

We are sometimes too afraid that some topics or thoughts on greatness make us shudder. Some of us uphold various stereotypical kinds of thinking that only people who are born having a bit more are the ones who are meant to be that way while the rest of us aren’t.

But as the second woman answered, ‘invest and save’, we ought to take that step and stray away from fears and push on to making wiser decisions, because these decisions ultimately dictate the kind of future we will have and the larger opportunities they will open for us. Whether in positions of leadership, taking business risks, networking etc., we all ought to take smart choices and go forth courageously in the pursuit of creating better and more prosperous lives.