A Vision Board

A vision board 1

A Vision Board

One of the people I consider as a role model-Steve Harvey, aside from being a super-talented comedian and show host, is a believer in creating vision boards and letting those plans consistently remind you of your life goals. On goals, he once said, “You have got to get tunnel vision to reach your goal, put blinders on and strike out on them but in as much as you are solid on the plan, you have to learn to get ready for flexibility. . .this is because there will be detours, pitfalls, stop signs, delays etc.” Failure, he describes, is learning one value that pushes you closer to success.

So, what exactly is a vision board? It is a tool that simply helps to outline, concentrate and maintain focus on specific life objectives. A vision board is where you can display images or words that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in life.

The subconscious mind has been explained, in some instances, to be more powerful than the conscious mind. Placing a vision board where we can see it everyday programs the subconscious and conscious mind. Our brain is an incredible machine that is geared towards making us successful with every action we take. Our brain trains our bodies to prepare for action — when we imagine ourselves preparing for an activity, our brains actually run through the process and send signals to the rest of our body to complete the action.

The best and fun part about the creation of a vision board is that it helps to narrow down your focus and personalize your board with specific messages that matter to you. For example, you are envisioning a house, you will not just go for any random house you see in a magazine, you will look out for the specific house/details of a house you crave for, you can cut out bits and pieces here and there to complete the whole look.

Vision boards can be about personal growth, health, travel, family, cars, finance, a work-out plan, basically anything you can think of! That is the power of choice, and it is immense.

After the creation of your vision board, the next part is using it in the manifestation of our dreams.

The following tips can make you maximize the impact your vision board will make on your life.

  1. Looking at your vision board daily: the magic of a vision board is in the daily reminders it can provide you to remember and work towards your dreams.
  2. Notice as you make progress towards your dreams: Progress toward your dreams will happen, as long as you give it time, put in your full effort and pay attention to signals in your life that demonstrate that you are moving in a positive direction.
  3. Celebrate success! When you notice progress toward your vision, make sure to celebrate it! Perhaps you have a goal to increase your income by 20%, and have noticed that you were able to score a nice promotion at work that puts you part of the way toward your goals. Celebrate every achievement. The more you celebrate your successes, both big and small, the more progress you will begin to notice in pursuit of your vision and the more motivated you will feel to continue your journey.