On Energy

On Energy


From realising the advantages of harnessing fire to coal and oil wells and now the implementation of solar panels and hydroelectric sources, energy has taken quite a great evolution.

One is left to wonder, “what will it be like in 30 years?” Opinions from a few people I asked this question brought in some interesting feedback. Here you get to notice how widely and differently people think about various topics. One said, “In thirty years we are likely to see more solar, wind and nuclear energy because rain has become more scarce and unpredictable, therefore, hydroelectric projects are becoming unviable ones.” The second one mentioned, “We are likely to continue using fossil fuel because we don’t seem to be ready for that kind of advancement especially economically and it seems like we don’t have that much time.” The third person put it this way, “Solar energy, this is because more and more people are looking to go green and people are learning about ways on how to do this. Protecting the earth and making sure we are making it a better place to live in inspires this need for change.”

As we ponder over these thoughts from different people, another thought crosses my mind- “Energy Security; What is it? What does it require? What are the methods used to achieve it? With the current change in weather patterns, are solar and wind sources reliable for energy security?

The increasing climate change, the rate of industrialisation and the manipulation of energy supplies pose threats to the issue of energy security. From the high demand for energy consumption, ways to reduce energy-related pollution and the high-rates of electric bills, energy affects part of our lives even in the smallest of ways. We have been seeing long and short-term forms of security being put to place and ways on how to connect energy security with sustainability and make sure that the effects do not cause an exceeding absorption into the environment, therefore, in as much as the human population continues to use energy, we need to minimise the negative effects it causes.

Sustainability is all about meeting the needs of the current generation with those of the future in mind so as to ensure that resources last long.

As we go over this, energy conservation also needs to be brought up; this is the use of energy in an efficient way that can also create a pathway to environmental quality.

We can do this by:

  1. Turning off sources of power after we are done with them or if we don’t really need to use them at the time this includes switching off the appliance when we are not using them.
  2. Heating food in a pan when we are not in a hurry instead of using the microwave.
  3. Use maximum daylight. Switch the lights off during the day and enjoy some natural light.
  4. Educating others on various ways of saving energy.
  5. Read and expand our knowledge on topics touching on energy and its conservation.
  6. Use energy-efficient light bulbs.

Remember, as you work on saving and conserving energy, you are taking care of your money-spending as well!

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