The first quarter

The first quarter 16

The new year is here and everyone is back at the office rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground running. The ideal. Else, some of the staff in your publishing team are yet to report back to work or some have left your organisation. Either way, the show – which is your publishing endeavours – must go on and which brings us to:

Touching base

Essentially, touching base ensures that everyone is brought up to speed with your publishing objectives for the first quarter of the year. Hence, going forward, it enables everyone to read from the same script and thus work in tandem with the others in your publishing team to ensure your organisation publishes successfully.

Further, by touching base, measures can be taken to mitigate unforeseen hurdles that can slow down the organisation’s publishing objectives. For instance, in the case of a team member who has suddenly exited the organisation without prior notice (Hey! It happens. The world is not perfect and people are people.), it may take some time for the organisation to get a suitable replacement. As such, there might be need to reassign his or her workload in relation to publishing to others.

In addition, this forum enables the whole publishing team to revisit the publishing calendar for the year at hand. This enables the team to set the publishing tone for the year and get down to work at once. For instance, by curating content, setting up interviews, contacting suppliers and so on; all these in good time such that the publishing team is able to meets its deadlines comfortably and not get bogged by sideshows likely to arise in the case of panic publishing to conform to set deadlines.

Loose ends

Granted, plans do not always pan out as expected, and publishing plans are no exception. For instance, your organisation may have planned to launch this or that report during the last year; say, in quarter three or four. However, due to the prevailing political climate, you were unable to do so. As such, the new year is an opportune moment to do so. An opportune moment to publish and launch the report as well as other pending publishing efforts that were not completed.

That said, care should be taken to ensure that balance is maintained in publishing for the new year and in getting out of the way overdue publishing projects. Else, your publishing team may be perpetually tied down as they try to clear backlogs of unfinished publishing projects; a likely cause of diminished enthusiasm and which creeps into the publishing projects slated for the new year.

Hello stakeholders

Good business is found in mutual relationships. As such, whatever you publish, there is an end audience in mind. These might include other organisations, business partners, a targeted clientele, donors, suppliers and the public at large. Before you even start on your first publishing project, you should reach out to them – wishing them a prosperous 2018 (in addition to the Happy Holidays you wished them as the previous year drew to a close) and brief them on what to expect from you, publishing wise. In short, you should borrow from the movie industry which, by way of trailers, announces the movies for the years. As such, your readers will look forward to your publishing.