The Pro-Visionary Leader

The Pro-Visionary Leader 24

The pro-visionary leader can be defined as a leader who proactively engages others in realising his vision for the betterment of an organisation or society at large. Such a leader has and lives a vision that transcends beyond the self and rallies others towards its achievements. He carefully crafts a do-able vision, buttressed by a practical strategy and which is implemented by an enthusiastic work force.

Vision, intention, implementation
The pro-visionary leader just does not hazard a vision. He is articulate and deliberate in his vision- Why? When? What? Who? Where? How? – his vision has ‘legs’ and is not just another copy-paste job that looks good on paper. Once he has articulated his vision, he follows up with set objectives and activities that can actually forge a way ahead for his vision to be. This is his intention and which permeates every activity – from the mundane, the routine and the great- such that his intention becomes a belief-system for the rest of his team. In short, he divorces lip service. The implementation aspect ensures that every cog of the organisation turns to the beat of his vision. Specific actions with specific time-frames are executed and which are all intricately bound to his vision.

Assets, assess, access
Assets are the resources required for the realisation of the pro-visionary leader’s vision. They include personnel, capital, time and tools to do the job. The pro-visionary leader ensures that all the required assets are in place before he embarks on his vision. In terms of personnel, he sticks to the mantra that ‘a happy workforce is a productive workforce.’ Thus he ensures that they are compensated adequately and that their overall welfare is taken care of. Most importantly, he seeks their input in terms of ideas, workflow and so on such that they are able to derive meaning from their jobs rather than perceiving it as a means to settle their bills. Assessment of the resources means that there is a concrete plan for the prioritisation of resources, i.e. ensuring the availability of resources as and when needed. Access means that the pro-visionary leader’s team is enabled in times of access to resources at hand, including his guidance and expertise when needed.

Persistent, dissent, open mind-set
The pro-visionary leader displays persistence towards the attainment of his vision, knowing that all eyes are on him for guidance and thus he cannot afford to falter. He knows that he will have his moments of doubts, that there will be days that resources will be compromised- but this withstanding, he has to look for the silver lining in every cloud and celebrate the small victories as his vision gathers steam towards its fruition. The pro-visionary leader also realises that he does not have all the answers and consequently, allows room for creative, proactive dissent- that things can be done in XYZ fashion as opposed to ABC fashion. All this without jeopardising his vision. In summary, he is comfortable in his own skin and is thus open to new ways of doing things if they can achieve better or faster results.

 In, out, away with the box
A pro-visionary leader does not reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Instead, he picks on what has worked for others- best practices- and owns it in regards moulding it to meet his specific needs in alignment with his vision. At times, though, he has to do away with convention and come up with entirely new systems and processes tailor-made to meet his objectives for he is a pioneer. He involves his team entirely so that they act and speak as one.

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