Are business cards still relevant?

Are business cards still relevant? 26

Yes, we all agree that this is the age of internet connectivity; that we are a click away from connecting to prospects via social media or companies’ websites. So, why have business cards in the first place? Here is why.

Firstly, business cards create that element of human contact in your interaction. Say, which of these interactions are you likely to remember? An anonymous email soliciting for business or a business card with a sunny smile and a firm handshake behind it? That is, presuming the unsolicited email was not out rightly discarded as spam. Obviously, the business card wins hands down. This is so as business nowadays revolve around creating relationships at multi levels; with personal relationships leading the pack.

That said business cards can complement your marketing efforts when done correctly. As such, when doing your own, there are a couple of things you need to consider. In so doing, a good place to start is by checking out business cards you have received from others. Ask yourself, which of the business cards look professional? Judging from the look and feel of the business cards, which of the companies they represent would I do business with? Which would I be wary of doing business with? Therein lays your answer.

In summary, a good business card should have the following characteristics:

  • Be easy on the eye via choice and size of font
  • Stand out and be memorable
  • Have a personality to it via quality design
  • Contain all the relevant information (name, telephone number, email, etc.)
  •  Be printed on quality paper
  • Be an extension of your brand