Prose Magazine is our in-house online magazine. It delves into industry insights on publishing, literary and culture, and the broader Pan African agenda. Prose also has a dedicated segment on leadership that is intended to pick on the perceptions, intuition and expertise of leaders in diverse disciplines and industries.

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June-July 2018

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Is governance, and by extension, governments, in Africa synonymous with corruption? Here in Kenya, looking at the skyline of its capital city, Nairobi, skyscrapers are mushrooming everywhere. And the whispers keep getting louder and louder… that these apartments belongs to politician A, this mall is owned by leader B; plus the scandalous prices of their high end vehicles and residences that some shamelessly flaunt on social media while the local mwananchi scrapes by… proceeds of corruption, says the grapevine. Wangari Muikia, a leadership and governance expert, shows us the human cost of corruption – lives lost due to lack of drugs in public hospitals and the like. This and more in our governance issue.

April-May 2018

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For one Wycliffe Waweru Maina, however, bicycles have always had a special place in his heart. In childhood, he learnt how to do all  kinds of stunts on a bike. And all grown up, the information systems graduate walked away from formal employment to start a venture trading in bicycles. From humble beginnings where he started off with six bikes by the roadside, he has impacted countless lives as he empowers low income earners to get to work or to their residences in relative comfort. And he has made biking fashionable too for all people regardless of age or social standing; in essence, a platform through which to socialise and to exercise while at it.

February-March 2018

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With the overhaul of the education curriculum in Kenya, what should the new curriculum cultivate? Professional and entrepreneurial skills, inter-and intra-personal skills, morals and ethics- our ninth edition of the Prose magazine attempts to address this question. In our leadership segment, we delve on self-less leadership, the kind that places emphasis on humanity first.  We meet our leader Lucy Kaigutha who had her Damascene converstion after an encounter with a woman in a little village in Marich, West Pokot, Kenya.

December 2017-January 2018

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Our storytelling issue focuses on the positive – positive stories, how to tell them and, ultimately, how to embrace our ‘Africanness’ – accents and all, minus the vices such as corruption – and own these narratives. Our leader in this issue is Mwihaki Muraguri, story teller extraordinaire. She uses her organisation, Paukwa, as a platform to inspire, to impact and to influence.



October-November 2017

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Disruption is all about getting out of one’s comfort zone whether in an organisational setting or at a personal level. It calls for a paradigm shift hence a new way of thinking and doing things. For the reading culture section, we highlight that amorphous language that is Sheng and how it has disrupted communication in a multi-cultural setting that is Kenya’s urban centres. Our photography saw us hop around the world via the lens of Falk Kagelmacher.

August-September 2017

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Finesse or artistry entails bringing great though and skill in one’s work whatever the sector or industry. Our finesse issue focuses on Regina Gitau, or Regina-Re in the art space. Among her insights is that life can be run by different scripts and that there is no right or wrong way to live. In our travel pages, our destination this month is South Africa’s Grahamstown, a rustic town in the south, and home to the world famous Rhodes University.

June-July 2017

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This issue delves into the status of the boy child in Kenya and interventions to rescue him; the overarching theme being that both genders need to be empowered concurrently. We sit at the feet of a seasoned educationist Dr. Jacob Mwangi to get his views. Lucas Marang’a, a husband, father and entrepreneur also shares his views. Elsewhere, Tanzanian born fine art and documentary photographer Asteria Malinzi is our featured artist this month.

April-May 2017

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This is our  Remembrance Issue and commemorates the Rwandan genocide. We feature Jacques Nkinzingabo, a young photographer whose work revolves around contemporary Rwanda. Our leadership piece centred on a filmmaker, Patrick Mureithi, who had produced a film on reconciliation, set in Rwanda, and which brought together the aggressor and the victim to heal.

February-March 2017

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Our women’s edition of the Prose magazine centred on how women can uplift each other. It featured various women drawn from diverse sectors and who belong to a Lean In circle, a concept popularised by Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg. For the photography section, we featured Sarah Waiswa’s project, Stranger in a Familiar Land, showcasing the beauty of people with albinism.

December 2016-January 2017

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Cognisant of the opportunities and threats that is online publishing, we invited an insider on the IT industry for insights on these. We also interview Lula Kiah a visiting international image stylist and consultant on how to achieve executive presence and move up the corporate ladder.

October 2016-November 2016

Welcome to the maiden issue of our publication, Prose, a bi-monthly publication of Epsilon Publishers. Prose is a magazine that delves into industry trends and insights of publishing, literacy, culture and the broader Pan-African agenda.